WTF Demon Be Gone

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W.T.F. Demon Be gone! Clarifying Spray

Feel like you are caring an attachment from an experience or just feeling that dread.  But don’t have time to smudge or space is not smudgeable.

A smokeless alternative to smudging for those times you need an extra sense of clarity. This spray will leave your space feeling brighter, positive and vibrating at a higher frequency.

Smudging is a highly effective practice for the purification, energizing or blessing of people, places and things. As cleaning is always uplifting, purifying, and bring positive energy into a space.

The practice of smudging is very helpful when you're feeling depressed, angry, resentful, or after you have had an argument with someone.


Just a Little HooDoo Alchemic Rootwork.

White Sage

Witch is much used in cleansing the thinking process, to rid the mind negative aggravating thoughts, it is a significant religious herb among the tribes of North America among its properties it brings one in touch with common sense, a needed virtue in the world today. 

Rue has been long considered an herb of protection and is found in various herbal concoctions, made to protect if you know rue you know it’s pungent pushy quality. it is said also to banish all negative energy, today it is also used to concentrate religious and magical tools and dispel unwanted elements including


Palo Santo distillation

Palo santo holy stick to wild tree native to the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela. Another herb to raise your vibration clear emotions as it’s definitely a great help to prepare for meditation and it supports a deeper connection and source with regards to meditation however the essence created by this plant tree is great to reduce anxiety and stimulates your factory system of the brain in response to combating worry anxiety sleep disorder and depression


Copaiba or Copal

Copal is a similar component Palo Santo whereas it’s great for stress anxiety nervousness, copaiba is great for Recenter the essence within us. connecting the very nature of the feelings too fully express ourselves, often when we are attempting to express, but we are bound by the emotional hurt, anger and suppression.  Caputo can bring us back to our senses and center us back to a feeling of unity.


Dissolved Gypsum

Gypsum has long been known for its clarifying and purifying properties. Spitfires and aggressive people should use gypsum as a talisman. Such people those feeling aggressive, pushy and willful. Gypsum will make such people more calm, balanced and reasonable. A mineral will help a person cope with an increased sense of self-worth, pride, arrogance. Gypsum will show to its owner, what danger and absurdity that is concealed itself, balancing an overestimated self-esteem to see the forest not trees.


With a few other hidden helpers