Incense Resin

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Dream work, Mediation, Solace, Tranquility, Peace & Prayer, Protection and Potency, Purification and Consecration, Healing, Love, Mysticism, and Harmony.  Mystical secret energies connecting to deeper levels of the soul. Healing, purifying, protecting, and connection with the divine.

1oz of Resin - Perfect for grinding into beautiful powder to use with charcoal

How to Burn Resin Incense
From times immemorial incense has been a part of worship and has been used in temples, ashrams, churches and mosques as well as in the home to purify and sweeten the atmosphere.

It's always best to place charcoal tablet on a bed of sand. It will burn more evenly and keep its amber like glow longer. In addition the sand will reduce the risk of the container cracking due to extensive heat charcoal produces.  
(This is the classic advice) 
(FYI - I have cracked glass ashtrays even with sand)
The sand layer under the charcoal should be at least 3/4-1 inch thick.

(Silly enough - I have turned to using a small burnt skillet I ruined - because it has a handle to walk through rooms and it takes the heat perfect -
my other go to is a metal candle holder with legs - )

Light the charcoal on its bottom edge with a lighter or matches until it begins to ignite. The charcoal will then self-ignite across the surface, at this point you will sense a smell that quickly disappears.

Charcoals do not usually light easily if they are laying flat on some surface or in a bowl. Never hold the charcoal with your fingers – always use tongs or pliers - it gets very, very hot

1oz of Resin - Perfect for grinding into beautiful powder to use with charcoal