Organic Hydrosols

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These refreshing light sprays can be used all day long, all year long!

Uses not limited to: aftershave, toner, linen freshener, clean pets, spray furniture to freshen and clean

Rose - with its beauty and fragrance has inspired humans through the ages.  Use as a facial toner daily for all skin types, especially for dry, aging or irritated skin. Mist on the neck to enhance romance. Mist in the air or on body to calm the mind.

Lavender - is wonderful as a daily facial toner for all skin types or any area of skin, very pH balancing. Mist on your pillow before bed. Reported to aid nervousness by calming, insomnia, muscle relaxant, and inflammation.  A powerful tonic for the entire system, acne, burns, sunburn, eases depression, and headaches.

Yarrow - is wonderful as a daily facial toner for oily skin. Reported to aid all kinds of skin issues: acne, eczema, psoriasis – compress for varicose veins. Antiseptic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory. Soothe over exposed skin damage such as sunburn.  Use on dry itchy scalp.

Rosemary Verbenone - is wonderful as a daily facial toner for oily skin. Mist in the air to promote focus. Use as hand sanitizer. Reported to aid regenerating body, depression, ear infection, liver, gall bladder, nervous fatigue, memory and mental fatigue.  I sometimes just spritz my whole head and face - feels GREAT!

Juniperberry - Reduces Bloating & Cellulite - is known as a powerful diuretic, Minimizes Oily Skin, Helps with UTIs, Reduces Puffy Eyes, Detoxifies the Body, especially the Kidneys

Sandalwood - As a facial mist & toner – hydrates and renews skin; it reduces age spots and can aid dry ends of your hair. Calms the mind and one’s nervous system. As a room spray, it uplifts and warms a space. Perfect before or after any spiritual practice such as prayer, meditation, or yoga – as it enhances connection with the divine.