EO Zodiac Blends - Jupiter

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Uplifting and Inspiring Jupiter delights with the fruity and herbal scents of Bergamot and Rosemary. According to the proceedings Jupiter is the crescent of the soul rising above the cross of matter. The soul should overcome limitation and adversity through insight, faith and transcendence. Our Zodiac Blends are designed using the Basic Principles of Alchemy as described in proceedings from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. The referenced article was written by Gabriel Mojay and is found on pages 46 through 63 from the October 2000 proceedings Try long-lasting Jupiter in the diffuser, especially when paying bills, reading and doing homework. The wide range of Citrus, Sage and Rosemary will keep eyes bright and minds keen. The main constituent is Bergamot, long respected as refreshing and uplifting. Bergamot is also known to be an antidepressant. Experiment with Jupiter in your own blends. Try it with your favorite antidepressant oils. It blends well with any citrus, floral, coriander and cilantro. Jupiter is said to rule Sagittarius.