Sage's Botanicals

Cinnamon Leaf

The aroma is beautiful sweet and spicy. - I choose to use leaf over bark to protect the cinnamon trees from being hacked for the bark.

Cinnamon Leaf oil,  Madagascar: The aroma is warm, and spicy but not nearly as sweet as cinnamon bark. It shares similar nuances with clove leaf but is yet uniquely cinnamon. It is also not as tenacious as the bark oil. It is understandable that clove leaf and cinnamon are similar since Eugenol is the main constituent in both. This also tends to make them "heavy." Clove and Cinnamon leaf blend well together. It also blends well with citrus oils, especially good orange oil. Several prominent soap makers use cinnamon leaf and orange blends in their products. It also blends well with peppermint, bay, vanilla, and bitter almond. Cinnamon leaf makes an excellent Potpourri.