Buddah Wood

Buddah Wood

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Indigenous Usage

There are recordings of indigenous people using this plant for its antibacterial qualities and to treat cuts and sores.

Early Settlers Usage

In the recent past this tree was wild harvested as a substitute for Sandalwood, however there appears to be a fair difference between the scents of Buddha Wood and Sandalwood. The tree was also harvested and used for fence posts. Around 1925 Australian chemist and Australian essential oil pioneer first tested the oil and noted its unique properties and recommended it as a perfume fixative.

Present Day Usage

A small tree of the drier parts of western New South Wales and north east South Australia, it is botanically known as Eremophila mitchelli. Without regular fire regimes this tree may have become weed like in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges compared to a few centuries ago.

The plentiful trees are wild harvested and the timber is steam distilled for around 7 days. The essential oil is naturally amber red to reddish brown colour. The oil is used in aromatherapy for grounding or assisting in meditation.