Pluton Deadnettle

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In the ancient celebration of pluto a three night festival of feast, libation, hilucination and orgy was the agenda.  The plants incorporated in this event were Patchouli, Deadnettle, absinthe, pine, and moss.  Pluto as an astrological force changes the landscape of your life ans a good festival and blowout in your life let you see the forest from the tree. This perfume was formed from younge sprouted patchouli fermented into an organic base and distilled and cold water black irish ambergris was added to deepen and expand the maceration of plants.  The final ingredient was my own personal choice as it made alchemical sense which was the musk of skunk muted by the patchouli and absinthe and pine these three bring a very interesting experience with this sent.  Because skunk reminds us you respect my space and i will respect  yours.