Sabel Ocher Attar

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The Sabel Ocher, or Siberian musk as some call it, Russian musk is by far the most powerful and animalistic musk oil; too powerful for most people. Being used by ancient alchemists for thousands of years, as a medicine and an esoteric substance to bring luck and ward off evil, this is definitely not for the amateur or the person who is used to familiar designer perfumes because this is raw, wild, dirty, and aggressive, if your into that kind of thing.


Animalistic and has bite, the wild spray of musk to initiate territorial combat or arouse the mate with all and everything that comes in it, cattle, leather, dirt, wood, deep and aggressive. Most people will find this unpleasant and very animalistic but that is the point. From that first impact is intoxicatingingly overwhelming, if you simply accept it and let it work its magic on you and others.


The opening: after a few minutes you will start getting calmer floral notes, tobacco  sandalwood and oud. You still get the barn and all that comes with it but now it’s acceptable and non-threatening