Sage's Botanicals


A top note with a strong aroma, it has a sharply herbaceous, distinctly fruity orange-like scent, with a characteristic bitter acrid back note (thus the term, 'bitter rue' and the name's becoming a euphemism for regret).  Doesn't blend easily with others.


Fresh rue herb has been used in magic rituals since antiquity. The rue plant is used in baths, candles, and carried in pouches for protection, strength, health, concentration, and love.

Also known as Common Rue, this is an ornamental, shrubby herb with a strong, aromatic, bitter or acrid scent. It has tough, woody branches and small, smooth, bluish-green leaves. Its early summer flowers give way to green fruits that resemble tiny immature oranges. In cooler temperatures, this oil can solidify or have a thick consistency. We recommend placing the bottle in very hot water, changing the water frequently until it is back to the liquid state; be sure to shake well before use.