Khus-Zizan Vetiver Perfume

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Khus Khus Grass or Madagascar Vetiver root distilled into a beautiful perfume.  Worn by the king and queens and the priests and it brings a very pleasant and relaxing calming authority over you.  


Khus khus roots (Vetiver grass) are medicinal herbs known to me from I was a child. However, Khus was popular known not so much for its medicinal uses for pain, stress, and anxiety.  A natural nervine that brings confidence from a scintillating blend of the entire vetiver plant distillation of roots and leaves, the Khus-Zizan Parfum Spray for offers a mesmerizing fragrance experience. Balmy notes of marbled African Ambergris and Musk and labdanum lend depth to the base and leave a intoxicating array of pleasantry.